Windows backend

The Windows backend of bleak is written using the Python for .NET package. Combined with a thin bridge library (BleakUWPBridge) that is bundled with bleak, the .NET Bluetooth components can be used from Python.

The Windows backend implements a BleakClient in the module bleak.backends.dotnet.client, a BleakScanner method in the bleak.backends.dotnet.scanner module. There are also backend-specific implementations of the BleakGATTService, BleakGATTCharacteristic and BleakGATTDescriptor classes.

Finally, some .NET/asyncio-connectivity methods are available in the bleak.backends.dotnet.utils module.

Specific features for the Windows backend


  • The constructor keyword address_type which can have the values "public" or "random". This value makes sure that the connection is made in a fashion that suits the peripheral.