Source code for bleak.exc

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import uuid
from typing import Optional, Union

[docs]class BleakError(Exception): """Base Exception for bleak.""" pass
[docs]class BleakCharacteristicNotFoundError(BleakError): """ Exception which is raised if a device does not support a characteristic. .. versionadded: 0.22.0 """ char_specifier: Union[int, str, uuid.UUID] def __init__(self, char_specifier: Union[int, str, uuid.UUID]) -> None: """ Args: characteristic (str): handle or UUID of the characteristic which was not found """ super().__init__(f"Characteristic {char_specifier} was not found!") self.char_specifier = char_specifier
[docs]class BleakDeviceNotFoundError(BleakError): """ Exception which is raised if a device can not be found by ``connect``, ``pair`` and ``unpair``. This is the case if the OS Bluetooth stack has never seen this device or it was removed and forgotten. .. versionadded: 0.19.0 """ identifier: str def __init__(self, identifier: str, *args: object) -> None: """ Args: identifier (str): device identifier (Bluetooth address or UUID) of the device which was not found """ super().__init__(*args) self.identifier = identifier
[docs]class BleakDBusError(BleakError): """Specialized exception type for D-Bus errors.""" def __init__(self, dbus_error: str, error_body: list): """ Args: dbus_error (str): The D-Bus error, e.g. ``org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownObject``. error_body (list): Body of the D-Bus error, sometimes containing error description or details. """ super().__init__(dbus_error, *error_body) @property def dbus_error(self) -> str: """Gets the D-Bus error name, e.g. ``org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownObject``.""" return self.args[0] @property def dbus_error_details(self) -> Optional[str]: """Gets the optional D-Bus error details, e.g. 'Invalid UUID'.""" if len(self.args) > 1: details = self.args[1] # Some error descriptions can be further parsed to be even more helpful if "ATT error: 0x" in details: more_detail = PROTOCOL_ERROR_CODES.get( int(details.rsplit("x")[1], 16), "Unknown code" ) details += f" ({more_detail})" return details return None def __str__(self) -> str: name = f"[{self.dbus_error}]" details = self.dbus_error_details return (name + " " + details) if details else name
CONTROLLER_ERROR_CODES = { 0x00: "Success", 0x01: "Unknown HCI Command", 0x02: "Unknown Connection Identifier", 0x03: "Hardware Failure", 0x04: "Page Timeout", 0x05: "Authentication Failure", 0x06: "PIN or Key Missing", 0x07: "Memory Capacity Exceeded", 0x08: "Connection Timeout", 0x09: "Connection Limit Exceeded", 0x0A: "Synchronous Connection Limit To A Device Exceeded", 0x0B: "Connection Already Exists", 0x0C: "Command Disallowed", 0x0D: "Connection Rejected due to Limited Resources", 0x0E: "Connection Rejected Due To Security Reasons", 0x0F: "Connection Rejected due to Unacceptable BD_ADDR", 0x10: "Connection Accept Timeout Exceeded", 0x11: "Unsupported Feature or Parameter Value", 0x12: "Invalid HCI Command Parameters", 0x13: "Remote User Terminated Connection", 0x14: "Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Low Resources", 0x15: "Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Power Off", 0x16: "Connection Terminated By Local Host", 0x17: "Repeated Attempts", 0x18: "Pairing Not Allowed", 0x19: "Unknown LMP PDU", 0x1A: "Unsupported Remote Feature / Unsupported LMP Feature", 0x1B: "SCO Offset Rejected", 0x1C: "SCO Interval Rejected", 0x1D: "SCO Air Mode Rejected", 0x1E: "Invalid LMP Parameters / Invalid LL Parameters", 0x1F: "Unspecified Error", 0x20: "Unsupported LMP Parameter Value / Unsupported LL Parameter Value", 0x21: "Role Change Not Allowed", 0x22: "LMP Response Timeout / LL Response Timeout", 0x23: "LMP Error Transaction Collision / LL Procedure Collision", 0x24: "LMP PDU Not Allowed", 0x25: "Encryption Mode Not Acceptable", 0x26: "Link Key cannot be Changed", 0x27: "Requested QoS Not Supported", 0x28: "Instant Passed", 0x29: "Pairing With Unit Key Not Supported", 0x2A: "Different Transaction Collision", 0x2B: "Reserved for future use", 0x2C: "QoS Unacceptable Parameter", 0x2D: "QoS Rejected", 0x2E: "Channel Classification Not Supported", 0x2F: "Insufficient Security", 0x30: "Parameter Out Of Mandatory Range", 0x31: "Reserved for future use", 0x32: "Role Switch Pending", 0x33: "Reserved for future use", 0x34: "Reserved Slot Violation", 0x35: "Role Switch Failed", 0x36: "Extended Inquiry Response Too Large", 0x37: "Secure Simple Pairing Not Supported By Host", 0x38: "Host Busy - Pairing", 0x39: "Connection Rejected due to No Suitable Channel Found", 0x3A: "Controller Busy", 0x3B: "Unacceptable Connection Parameters", 0x3C: "Advertising Timeout", 0x3D: "Connection Terminated due to MIC Failure", 0x3E: "Connection Failed to be Established / Synchronization Timeout", 0x3F: "MAC Connection Failed", 0x40: "Coarse Clock Adjustment Rejected but Will Try to Adjust Using Clock", 0x41: "Type0 Submap Not Defined", 0x42: "Unknown Advertising Identifier", 0x43: "Limit Reached", 0x44: "Operation Cancelled by Host", 0x45: "Packet Too Long", } # as defined in Bluetooth Core Specification v5.2, volume 3, part F, section, table 3.4. PROTOCOL_ERROR_CODES = { 0x01: "Invalid Handle", 0x02: "Read Not Permitted", 0x03: "Write Not Permitted", 0x04: "Invalid PDU", 0x05: "Insufficient Authentication", 0x06: "Request Not Supported", 0x07: "Invalid Offset", 0x08: "Insufficient Authorization", 0x09: "Prepare Queue Full", 0x0A: "Attribute Not Found", 0x0B: "Attribute Not Long", 0x0C: "Insufficient Encryption Key Size", 0x0D: "Invalid Attribute Value Length", 0x0E: "Unlikely Error", 0x0F: "Insufficient Authentication", 0x10: "Unsupported Group Type", 0x11: "Insufficient Resource", 0x12: "Database Out Of Sync", 0x13: "Value Not Allowed", # REVISIT: do we need Application Errors 0x80-0x9F? 0xFC: "Write Request Rejected", 0xFD: "Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor Improperly Configured", 0xFE: "Procedure Already in Progress", 0xFF: "Out of Range", }